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1.  According to the Bible which of the following are characteristics or signs of true Christians?

A.) They are not harmed by any poison.

B.) They can cast out demons.

C.) They speak in tongues.

D.) They have been baptized.

E.) They pick up snakes.

F.) They believe in Christ as their savior.

G.) They can heal the sick successfully.

H.) They believe without proof.

I.) They lack tail bones and their males have no nipples.


2.  Who has seen God?

A.) No one.

B.) Jacob saw his face.

C.) Moses saw his derriere (backside).

D.) Everyone sees God everyday in his/her own way.  


3.  How powerful is God?

A.) God can do anything!

B.) God can do almost anything.

C.) As powerful as the sum of all the financial, political, and social influence of the world's religions.


4.   Jesus was:

A.) Conceived by the Holy Spirit and born to a virgin.

B.) Conceived naturally like the rest of us.

C.) Found in a basket floating down the Nile.

D.) Discovered through DNA testing to be the son of Joseph's best friend.  


5.  According to the Bible who must be put to death?

A.) An unruly or rebellious child.

B.) Those who worship other gods.

C.) Those who curse or hit their parents.

D.) Those who operate or consult psychic hotlines.

E.) Adulterers.

F.) Homosexuals.

G.) Those who do not serve Jesus.

H.) Those who work on the Sabbath.

I.) Witches.

J.) Murderers.

K.) The children and babies of adults who don't believe in your God.

L.) Those who are accused by at least two people of wickedness.

M.) Those who are careless with murderous livestock.

N.) A woman who is not a virgin when married.


6.  How long will the earth exist?

A.) Forever.

B.) It will burn up during Armageddon.

C.) It will burn up during Armageddon, if Armageddon means the expanding sun in a couple billion years.


7.  With respect to family Jesus said you should:

A.) Honor your father and mother.

B.) Call no man on earth your father.

C.) Hate your family and abandon even your spouse and babies to follow him.


8.  According to Jesus, when should the world end?

A.) About two-thousand years ago.

B.) 100 AD to the present.

C.) No one knows but God.


9.  According to the Bible what is an abomination.

A.) Eating crab or shrimp.

B.) Graven images.

C.) Sacrificing an animal to God that has a blemish.

D.) Remarrying the same person after divorce.

E.) Homosexuals.

F.) Those who have pride.

G.) Whatever men esteem.

H.) A woman who wears pants.

I.)  Snowmen.


10.  On the topic of government the Bible says:

A.) Only obey the government if the government is moral.

B.) Do what the government tells you to do.


11.  Who was Jesus’ grandfather on his father side?

A.) Heli.

B.) Jacob.

C.) God's father.

D.) He has none.


12.  How did Jesus say to treat your enemies?

A.) You should love them.

B.) You should kill them.

C.) You shouldn't resist evil people, in fact you should accommodate them.

D.) Send them to hell to burn in unimaginable torture for all eternity.

E.) Don't take the law into your own hands... Take them to court...


13.  Did Jesus come to earth to bring peace?

A.) Yes.

B.) No.


14.  What occurred on the day of Christ's Resurrection?

A.) Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of James went to the tomb and found the boulder in place with guards at the entrance.  Then an earthquake happened as an angel descended from heaven, rolled away the stone, and sat on it.  This angel told Mary that Jesus had risen, and then she told the disciples.

B.) Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome went to the tomb, found no guards and the boulder roll away.  They entered and found Jesus was gone but one young man was there who explained that Jesus had risen.  They were so afraid that they told no one.

C.) Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, Joanna, and some other women went to the tomb, found it open without guards, and couldn't find Jesus’ body.  But their confusion was cleared up by two angels inside.  They then told the disciples.

D.) Mary went to the tomb and found no guards, the boulder roll away, and no one inside.  She then told the disciples that someone had stolen the body, and they all went back to the tomb and found only the burial clothes.  The disciples then left and when alone Mary was told what happened by two angels and Jesus himself.

E.) Someone stole the body to make it look like he magically came back to life, or possibly nothing special happened at all.


15.  Does God favor the righteous or innocent?

A.) Yes.

B.) No.


16.  Will God punish a son for his father's crimes? 

A.) Yes.

B.) No.


17.  What supposedly mythical creatures exist in the Bible?

A.) Giants.

B.) Space aliens and UFOs.

C.) Demons.

D.) Leviathans (Sea Serpents).

E.) Dragons.

F.) Angels.

G.) Unicorns.  

H.) Witches. 

I.) Talk'n Donkeys.

J.) Sorcerers.

K.) Dinosaurs.


18.  Was Jesus for or against public prayer (school prayer)?

A.) For.

B.) Against.


19.  Does God think a fetus is a living human?

A.) Yes.

B.) No.


 20.  How did the universe come to be?

A.) Firstly, God created the heavens and the earth, then light (photons) and dark (I guess the absence of photons).  Then he made something called the firmament (translates into metal sheet I'm told) to separate earth from the heavens.  Then, on earth, he made dry land and grass, herbs, fruit trees etc..  God then made the seasons, day, night, the sun, and the moon.  After that he made aquatic life and birds together.  And finally on the sixth day God made land creatures (especially cows), and then made man and woman in his likeness together. On the last day the almighty, understandably exhausted, needed to rest.

B.) All in one day God made the earth, heaven, land and water but hadn't yet allowed the laws of physics to cause rain, so there were no plants.  God then took some dust and made man, Adam.  Then, by blowing into Adam's nose, Adam came to life.  God then made all the plants, then all animals and birds.  Adam named them all in one day, but sadly found them to be poor company.  So God anaesthetized him, removed one of his ribs, and reconstructed it into into a woman, Eve.  All was pleasant in their garden until, at the urging of a snake, Adam and Eve stole the ability to distinguish between good and evil from a tree.  Because the two weren't naked, God surmised what they did and kicked them out of Eden, placing a flying flaming sword at the entrance to keep them from stealing immortality from another tree.  They then have children but we are left unclear on who their children procreate with.

C.) We don't know how it all started but after it did what most likely occurred is the Big Bang.  Then because of gravity, solar systems formed.  Then, beginning with very primitive life, evolution created species with increasing complexity within the window of entropy created between the sun and the void.  All leading up to the world we see today.

D.) Floating upon the ocean of First Cause lies the blessed Vishnu, a lotus blossom growing from his naval.  Vishnu awakes periodically to send the god Brahma to create a dream of the universe within the lotus blossom, but Vishnu inevitably enters his dream as Rudra, the destroyer, to consume the whole thing and start again.


21. The Earth is:

A.)  Flat.

B.)  Spherical.


22.  Jesus' last words were

A.) My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?

B.) Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.

C.) It is finished.

D.) Et tu Brute.


23.  Who was the holy man whose godliness was confirmed when he raised the dead son of a widow he met at the gates of a city he had recently came to whereupon "he gave him to his mother"?

A.) Jesus.

B.) Elijah.

C.) Benny Hin.


24.  Which account of Jesus’ life is true?

A.) Matthew's.

B.) Mark's.

C.) Luke's.

D.) John's.

E.) Paul's.

F.) All of the above.


25.  How many times does the word “faith” appear in the Bible?

A.) 0.

B.) 1 -> 200.

C.) 201 -> 400.

D.) 401 -> 600.


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