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Last comments - Creationism Comic
expert tract page 1.jpg
ryan01/24/05 at 07:14Melissa? Hi, ryan here. Have you seen the February...
expert tract page 7.jpg
ACP01/22/05 at 03:07The current theory is that the earliest cells were...
expert tract page 7.jpg
Rupert01/21/05 at 20:37Point taken Adrian. APC: When Darwin put forth th...
expert tract page 1.jpg
Adrian01/21/05 at 20:19You're welcome!
expert tract page 7.jpg
ACP01/21/05 at 20:15With reference to "Missing links" Numero...
expert tract page 7.jpg
Adrian01/21/05 at 04:59Actually the theory of evolution was arrived at se...
expert tract page 7.jpg
Rupert01/19/05 at 23:24evolution is a joke. no missing links found. Newto...
expert tract page 1.jpg
Melissa01/19/05 at 22:51 What a prime example of the scam called ID. ...
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