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Selected Past Articles:

Webmaster's Anti-Testimony
New 10 Commandments

Hearing the Voice of God

An Atheist on Judgement Day

The Historical Evidence for Jesus

Why Bad Beliefs Don't Die

God is Sexist


God Hates the Sin & the Sinner

Some things just don't make sense

How to Spot a True Christian

No True Christians

The Original Pledge of Allegiance

A Lesson in Semantics

A Personal Introspection

On the contradiction of Hell in a Christian world
Theist Pride

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Insults to Women in the Bible:


Intractable Theological Problems

All scripture is given by inspiration of God ?

Am I An Atheist Or An Agnostic?
You are OBVIOUSLY...

Christian Faith & Urban Legends



Why do spirit-filled Christians interpret scripture differently?

Are Christians Required to Tithe?

The Prime Directive

A Fire Fighter Speaks Out

CANDY CANES and their meaning


Why the interest?

Disingenuous !?!?

Why the Christian God is Impossible
Objective Morality

Five Questions of Character

Cornerstone Arguments Fundys Can't Successfully Refute

Thoughts of God

Calvin and the Reformers and their animosities


Why Come Out As An Agnostic or Atheist?

The Will of God

10 Questions for Christians

The Fall of Religion

Is Christianity Based on Pagan Roots?

The Treaty of Tripoli

Did Jesus Christ Really Live?

The Uniqueness of Christianity

Things are getting Worse & Worse

A Life without Christ

Why Did God Create Evil?

The Rapture

Are the Gospels True?

Jesus is MY LAWYER

What is Atheism Really All About?

Love NOT the World

Religion is Bullshit Newsletter

Quick to Judge

God is Real

You can't prove GOD doesn't exist

Over 300 PROOFS of God's Existence

Proof there is no GOD

Is there a GOD

My Lucky Rabbit's Foot

The Believer and the Apostate

Amazing Quotes

Religion Stops a Thinking Mind

Why Bad Beliefs don't Die

Religion is Mental Illness?

Easter is a Pagan Holiday

The Meaning of Life

Three Myths of Christianity

In The Beginning... God Was Nuts!!!

Will I Die?

Reflections on Hell

The Naked Truth

It is not a religion - it is a relationship!

Everyone's a Skeptic - about other religions


In Defense of Dave: To the passing Christian


Fire and Faith by Zach Moore
Science is a Religion

Re-Imagining God or What Happens When You Clean House.by "likeafish"

In the Name of the Lord

Love the Sinner - Hate the Sin

Unconditional Love

A Christless Grave
The Suffering Savior?
Stupid Scary and Ignorant Quotes
Seeing people burn will bring JOY!
Reflections on a Mote of Dust
Viruses of the Mind
Wagner-Modified Houts Questionnaire

How I Became an Atheist
Mideast Slaughter and Religion
Jesus Lied about Prayer
The Sin of Adam
Paradox + Logical Inconsistencies = Christianity
Please Daddy, not that story again
From the Grave to the Cross
Ideals are a two edged sword
Evolutionary Morality
Questions and Answers from an Atheist to an Atheist
Atheism and Humanism, are the good for anything?
Ideas Have Consequences
Zach Debates a Fundie
Jason Gastrich Debates Dan Barker
Funny Stuff:

Lark News - AWESOME

The Gospel Of Jestus Comic

God's Extremely Complex Plan of Salvation - THIS IS FUNNY!!!

Instructions on Marriage

Anti-Tract Parody Archive

No-GOD dot COM

Be Ordained Today

God Hates the SIN and the SINNER


Landover Baptist Church

Betty Bowers is a better Christian than YOU

Dress up Jesus game

Jesus of Borg

BBDBO - Self Abuse

Respect Your Husband!

The book of Creation

Duel of the Demigods

Name the Game

Pass it Up

Cute Bible God

God's Billboards

Burst Hemorrhoid Causes Religious Conflicts in Jerusalem

Jesus Sneekers

The Book of Dave

The Christian and the Bear

Jesus Loves Me

Holy Shit!

Rapture joke provokes heart attack

Jesus Christ - Vampire Hunter

Do You Expect Me to Believe...? by Ben Cartwright

Confessions of a Non-Christian by Ben Cartwright
Where is Jesus?

What Really Happened to the Titanic?

Do you Think?

Jesus Christ - Vampire Hunter

George Carlin on Religion

Answered Prayer!

New Testament Water into Wine Coolers

Catholic Dolls

Bible God's Justice

Kill Christ

Funny Pictures of Jesus

Jesus Christ Action Figure Play Set

Sign of the Cross
The Christian Origins Quiz

The Gospel Story Quiz - English

The Gospel Story Quiz - French


Sex in God's Word

Babe and Hunk of the Moment - Why?

A Dictionary of Sex in the Bible

The History of Love and Sex

God Saves Only Virgins

God is a Sexist

Masturbation & the Christian

Conservative Christian beliefs about Masturbation

***The Big 'O'***

Mark Twain on Masturbation

Sex was Made for PLEASURE!?!?

Sex and Eroticism according to ancient Theologians

Dr. Laura gets Naked


Be Fruitful and Multiply

The Naked Truth

Transformative Erotica

Dream World
Coolio's weblog (dutch site)

totally flabbergasted (dutch site)
Famous Unbelievers:

Dan Barker:

Online writings by Dan Barker
Excerpts From Losing Faith In Faith: From Preacher To Atheist, by Dan Barker

Clarence Darrow

Why I Am An Agnostic
Facing Life Fearlessly
Absurdities of the Bible
The Myth of the Soul

Albert Einstein

Religion and Science
My Credo
Morals and Emotions
The Religiousness of Science
Einstein on the Mysterious
Weaning Humankind from a Personal God
Einstein's Last Thoughts
Religion and Antisemitism
Einstein on a Personal God
Einstein on Prayer, Purpose in Nature, and the Soul
Becoming a Freethinker and a Scientist

Robert Green Ingersoll

Online works of Ingersoll

Thomas Paine

Editor's inroduction to the Age of Reason
Age or Reason part 1
Age of Reason part 2
Biblical Blasphemy
Essay On Dream
Deism compared with Christianity
An Examination of the Prophecies
Letters concerning The Age of Reason

Bertrand Russel

What is an agnostic
Has Religion Made Useful Contributions to Civilization
Why I am not a Christian
Am I Atheist or Agnostic

Charles Templeton

Charles Templeton 1915-2001
Farewell to God : My Reasons for Rejecting the Christian Faith by Charles Templeton

Farrell Till, ex-minister

Mr. Till's testimony
The Skeptical Review
The Skeptical Review Archives
The Resurrection Maze

Mark Twain

Letters From The Earth
The War Prayer
Thoughts of God
The Ten Commandments
Bible Teaching and Religious Practice
Onanism or Wacking Off

Celebrity Atheists

The Celebrity Atheist List
Famous Dead Atheists


Click here to read deconversion Testimonies submitted to the main pages of ExChristian.Net

Click here to read deconversion Testimonies posted in the open forums

Ex-Christian Websites:

Marlene Winell, Ph.D & Author
An Examination of Christian Belief
Dave LF's testimony
J. Eric Harrington's pages - excellent articles
James Buckner's Home Page
The Joy of Disillusionment, A Resource for Those Leaving Christianity
Ex Christian Testimonies
Why I quit going to Church
Extianity (Ex-Christianity) Web Site
The Event Horizon Rider
Losing my Religion
Chris Ashton's Pages
Leaving Christianity
Ex-Pentecostals.Org/ Escape the Dogma
Mark Smith's Fantastic Site
Religion is Bullshit II
Edward T. Babinski
Fundamentalist Christianity Exposed
Goosing the Antithesis
Way Point
Debunking Christianity
Why won’t God heal amputees?
Those Caring Christians

Victims of the Christian Faith

Early Christians

An Examination of the Early Martyrs
Quotes from Saint Augustine

The Crusaders

Letters from the Crusades of 11th Century
Letter from the East to Master of Hospitalers 1187
Gerold, Patriarch of Jerusalem Letter to all the Faithfull in 1229

The Catholics

The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Day
The Destruction of Magdeburg
Quotes from Galileo
Galileo's Letter to the Church 1632
The Church sentences Galileo 1633

The Reformers

Martin Luther - Hitler's Spiritual Ancestor
Luther the Deranged THEOLOGIAN
Quotes from Martin Luther
Ordinances For The Regulation of the Churches Dependent Upon the Seigniory of Geneva 1547
Calvin Quotes
John Calvin - a Nazi
The Complaint of Nicholas de la Fontaine Against Servetus, 14 August, 1553
Reformation Persectution

Witch Trials

Torture of the Pappenheimers from Bamberger Halsgerichtordnung 1508
THE JOHANNES JUNIUS LETTER between 1618 & 1648


Mutual Relation of Masters and Slaves as Taught in the Bible. A Discourse Preached in the First Presbyterian Church, Augusta, Georgia, on Sabbath Morning, Jan. 6, 1861

Today's Christians

Christian Faith and Urban Legends
Letters that have been sent to the webmaster
Dan Gentry
Gary North
R. J. Rushdooney
Randall Terry
Cliche' Answers Some Christians use
Basic Apologetic Rationalizations
Everybody Hates Us - A Christian Perspective
What would Jesus Do?
On Coping with Christians
God on the Brain


The Bible

Biblical Errancy
The Laws of Hammurabi - The Bible is not Unique
Did Israels Exodus From Egypt Actually Happen
The Prof's Soapbox
1001 Errors in the Bible
The Skeptic's Annotated Bible
Early Christian Writings
In the name of the LORD
The Bible - is it the Word of God
Debunking the Bible
The Embarrassment of Biblical Chronology


Jesus Never Existed
The Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth
Earl Doherty's 'Jesus Puzzle' website - highly recommended
The Quest for the Historical Jesus by Albert Schweitzer
The Jesus Seminar
Reflections on the Historical Jesus
More on the historical Jesus
Are the Gospels Eyewitness Accounts
Gary Courtney debunks the historical Jesus
Extensive bibliography on the Historical Jesus
The Skeptics annotated bible.com
List of books exploring the historicity of Jesus
Evidence for Jesus - is it reliable - Review of the sources.
Yuri Kuchinsky's New Testament History Site
A personal view by Quentin David Jones
Iasion - the Pre-Homeric pagan Jesus
Summary of views on Jesus by Peter Kirby
Jesus - Fact or Fiction - Robert M. Price and Rev. John Rankin Debate
The Bible And Christianity - The Historical Origins
The Historicity of Jesus' Resurrection - a debate
Historical Evidence for Jesus
The Resurrection
Did a historical Jesus exist
The Origins of Christianity and the Quest for the Historical Jesus Christ

The Church

God's Extremely Complex Plan of Salvation
Galileo's Letter to the Church 1632
The Church sentences Galileo 1633
Slavery is Justified and Taught in the Bible - a sermon from 1861
Rapture Letters
Scary Reconstrucionist Theology
Creation or Evolution

Becoming Human
Science and Creationism
The Weasel Applet
Creationism - Bad Science or Immoral Pseudoscience
Talk Origins Web Site
Christian Science Teachers
Creation Science Debunked
Frequently Encountered Criticisms in Evolution vs. Creationism - Revised and Expanded
National Center for Science Education
The World of Richard Dawkins
An Ancient Universe: How Astronomers Know the Vast Scale of Cosmic Time
The Leaky Foundation
Stephen Hawking's Universe
Stephen Hawking's WEBSITE
Shattering the Sacred Myths — Evolutionary Metaphysics

U.S. Founding Fathers - Christian?

John Adams Quotes
Ethan Allen Quotes
Ben Franklin Quotes
Lighthouses are more helpful than Churches Thomas Jefferson Quotes
James Madison
Thomas Paine Quotes
George Washington Quotes
Original Pledge of Allegiance

Atheist and Agnostic Websites

National Atheists Essays by William Medelen
Skeptical Views of Christianity and the Bible - Joseph Francis Alward
Steve Carr
Infidels Org
Flame Warrior
Positive Atheism
Humanism by Joe

Online Magazines and Radio

The Non-Prophets
Free Thought Radio
The Skeptical Review Online
The Daily Onion
The Skeptic Magazine
The Skeptical Review
The Skeptical Inquirer

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